The Urban Ecology – Research and Action (uERA) Laboratory is led by Dr. Govind Singh. The uERA Lab has been set up with an objective of addressing the challenges of urban sustainability, sustainable development and natural resource management.


The uERA Lab works on the following research themes:

  1. Origin, Evolution and Environmental History of ancient cities.
  2. Sustainable Urban Development of the National Capital Territory of Delhi
  3. Sustainable appraisal and policies for Emerging Urbanisation in North-east India
Research for People Initiative.

The Research for People (RfP) initiative conducts participatory research for the people at their request or based on requirements of a certain set of people. Any Citizen, Civil Society Group or Company can approach Delhi Greens with a request for collaboration to carry out participatory research for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Through this initiative, the uERA Lab and Delhi Greens brings research and research tools closer to the general public especially for understanding and solving environmental problems and challenges and for raising environmental awareness.

To request or suggest a research project, write to

Programme Website

Selected List of Publications under the Research for People Initiative: