Project Internship

Delhi Greens conceptualizes and implements projects, campaigns and activities aimed at environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and improving human health. Internship opportunities in these projects, campaigns and activities are notified from time to time along with the eligibility, duration, paid/unpaid status of internship and a general idea of the work expected. The minimum duration of a Project Internship at Delhi Greens is two months. An internship certificate/ letter is handed over to all interns after successful completion of the internship.

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Organisational Internship

Delhi Greens has been built as an institution of international repute for addressing contemporary environmental challenges and problems. We invite students, young professionals, and individuals from all age groups to join us as an Organisational Intern and learn and contribute for overall development of the organisation. Organisational Internship includes, but is not limited to, work opportunities related to fundraising and proposal writing, HR management, project documentation, project development and project coordination & assistance.

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Academic Internship

Delhi Greens provides Academic Internship as credit-bearing, limited duration work experience for students outside the traditional university or college environment. Academic Internships are open only to bona fide students who are enrolled in a recognized college or university. Students who need to complete a mandatory one/two semester research work leading up to a dissertation/thesis can also apply for this position. There is no stipend paid to students who are accepted as academic interns.

There are no internship calls made for Academic Internship and interested students can download this form and submit the completed form to with a covering email introducing themselves. The academic internship is open to all students irrespective of whether such an experience is a mandatory requirement of their course curriculum or not. In case of more students applying than can be accommodated at any given time, those students will be given preference who are applying for the academic internship as a mandatory course requirement.


Summer Online Internship Programme

Delhi Greens conceptualized the Summer Online Internship Programme (SOIP) in 2010. SOIP is a six-week long, mostly online summer internship programme providing the participants the opportunity to learn and contribute to environmental protection during the peak-summer months. The call for SOIP is usually made in the month of April on the Internships announcement page.