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Delhi Greens is more than just an organisation. It is a Delhi-based national movement working to bring together like-minded people for the protection of Our Common Environment.

Delhi Greens runs projects, programmes, campaigns and workshops to generate environmental awareness and conserve nature, natural resources and biodiversity.

More details of our projects and activities are available under the following sections:

The following spindle illustrates some of our activities and broad working areas.

Urban Ecotourism

Tree Plantation Drives

ICT Development for Environmental Protection

Environmental Sensitization and Awareness Workshops

Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods and the Transition to a Green Economy

Participatory Research for Environment and Sustainable Development

Environmental Leadership Training Programmes

Bird Watching and Nature Walks


The Delhi Greens Blog project has been working since 2007 to raise environmental awareness in Delhi, India and the world. It has now been modified into an Online Magazine. The efforts and successful implementation of this ongoing project has been duly awarded and recognized at local, national and international level. The Urban Ecotourism project and tree plantation activities have helped reconnect thousands of Delhiites with their city and learn about ecosystem services they receive from River Yamuna and the Delhi Ridge.

Our campaigns for the protection of trees, wetlands, birds and our environmental leadership training programmes have created environmental sensitivity in the people of all age groups. We also conduct participatory research with and for the people and their environment for preserving nature and natural resources. Our internship programme has helped build capacity of scores of young people. Delhi Greens does not shy away from sharing its experience and learning with others, and provides consultancy for organisational development to other non-profits and initiatives.

We invite your participation to help us generate greater environmental awareness and implement more and more action projects for environmental protection. You can support our activities by donating to us; inviting us to your school, college or company, volunteering your time and simply by pledging to be a responsible citizen by taking due care of environment and natural resources in your daily life.