Rishabh Parmar

Rishabh Parmar is Creative Director at Delhi Greens and is responsible for providing creative inputs and direction to the projects and campaigns at Delhi Greens. Rishabh Parmar is a trained Architect and has been associated with Delhi Greens since its inception in 2008. He is a born environmentalist and has been working in the field of sustainable design and architecture since 2007.

Rishabh Parmar has been associated with the Urban Ecotourism and 48°C Public Art Ecology project, among others, at Delhi Greens. The logo of Delhi Greens has also been designed by him. He has also worked on the Dakshina Pinakini River Restoration project, Responcities Smart City Consultation project and various other large-scale environment and watershed management endeavours with other national and international agencies.

His research into using big data for sustainable development has been published in two notable architectural Journals in the United States. He is also the founder of the citizen warden organisation Delhi Polite. Rishabh is driven by his love and passion for wildlife and a vision of a sustainable, healthy and prosperous future for the National Capital Territory of Delhi.