Apoorva Sarna

Apoorva Sarna was associated as Green Youth Fellow 2019 with Delhi Greens while pursuing her Master’s in Psychology from Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD). Apoorva worked to use her knowledge and passion for raising environmental awareness and sensitization in the masses as part of this Fellowship.

Apoorva has an experience of working in diverse settings ranging from prison complexes to clinics as well as NGOs and related institutions. Her focus in the field of Psychology is on Mental Health and while exploring the subject of Mental Health, Apoorva has been able to find considerable linkages with environmental protection and conservation.

Apoorva was an active member of the Green Lab while pursuing her Bachelor’s in Psychology at IP College for Women, University of Delhi. The Green Lab carried out activities related to organic farming in urban settings and also explored its psycho-social benefits. She continues to work towards finding ways for enhancing mental health while helping generate interventions that allow people to successfully adopt eco-friendly practices and sustainable lifestyles.