Climate is a dynamic natural phenomenon and changes over millions of years. The world has cooled and warmed at least six times in recorded geological history. However at present, there is an ongoing warming of Planet Earth which is neither natural nor normal.

This global warming began a little over two hundred years back with the onset of the industrial revolution. This global warming is a result of extraction of remains of dead plants and animals, which got buried in the Earth millions of years ago (and are unfortunately referred to as fossil fuel today), and burning them indiscriminately.

The burning of fossil fuel in industries and automobiles has led to the addition of unnatural carbon in the atmosphere today. This carbon, in its various forms, is a greenhouse gas. The more of this greenhouse gas we have in the atmosphere, more is the heating of the Earth.

Consequently, there has been a rapid and consistent rise in the global carbon dioxide concentration in the last two hundred years. Carbon dioxide concentration in the Earth’s atmosphere crossed the 400 parts per million (ppm) mark for the first time since its measurement began some 60 years ago.

Now, global warming is leading to climate change which has enhanced the melting of polar ice caps, increased glacier melting and has – as a result – interfered with the Planet Earth’s weather system. The greatest impact of climate change will be felt by the youth of today.

Changes in weather pattern have already started affected agriculture and related sectors. It is also causing more freak weather events, spread of diseases to newer areas and natural disasters of all kinds. This will only increase in the near future thus threatening the future of the entire youth population of today.

Delhi Greens works to engage and empower the youth so they can better understand the science and policies related to climate change, and also come together to take collective action for preventing, mitigating and adapting to the threat of climate change.