Delhi Greens organised a sustained campaign against the deconcretisation and detiling of trees in Delhi. Cementing the base of trees, and putting concrete all around trees is becoming an increasingly common practice even though it is against the law. The law require each tree to be given a 4 x 6 feet of breathing space around every tree. This space should not be made into concrete. The Campaign for Deconcretisation of Trees in Delhi aimed at generating awareness in the people and the authorities and ensuring trees are freed from concrete.

  • The concretisation of trees in Delhi has been even more rampant amidst ad hoc urbanisation taking place in the city.
  • Concretisation is proving to be an imminent threat to the survival of the heritage trees in Delhi and is leading to their choking and consequent death.
  • This is despite the fact that existing policies and laws do not allow such concretisation and choking of the trees to take place. (Click here to download High Court order calling for more action for ensuring deconcretisation).
  • The Campaign was run along side a hearing going on in the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on this matter (Legal Petition No. 82/2013, Click here to Download).
  • Delhi Greens created a web platform Green the Change, and carried out a signature campaign for supporting action for deconcretising all trees in Delhi.
  • Mainstream media was used to promote the campaign further and it was broadcasted over radio and print media.
  • The campaign concluded with large number of citizens signing the petition and the NGT instructing stricter orders for deconcretising all trees in Delhi.