Have you seen a tree cry?


We have, and it was not a pleasant sight to see hundreds of trees numbered after removing their bark in a brutal way. This is how the Forest Department and other Government agencies started numbering trees in Delhi in 2007.

Delhi Greens took this as our first challenge to free the trees of Delhi of this pain and apathy. The issue of unscientific marking of trees was raised by Delhi Greens at every platform in the city, and with different Government agencies. The University of Delhi, where this unscientific numbering of trees was first noticed, was specifically petitioned to for stopping this madness.

Click here to read DU’s Vice Chancellor’s letter supporting the campaign and assuring prompt action.

After gathering considerable media attention and citizen response though the Delhi Greens Blog, we were successful in stopping this method of numbering of trees. Instead, now the trees are numbered with paint and without scraping their bark off or performing any other invasive method.

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