Delhi Ridge

Delhi Greens has been working since its inception as a voice and guardian of trees, green cover, parks, gardens and the Delhi Ridge forest.


Protecting Delhi Ridge forest is of utmost importance for several reasons. The Delhi Ridge forest serves as crucial green lungs for Delhi — one of the most densely populated & polluted urban areas in the world. The forest plays a vital role in purifying the air thereby helping combat air pollution and improve the overall air quality of the region. It acts as a natural buffer against the harmful effects of vehicular emissions, industrial pollution, and dust particles, providing a healthier environment for the residents of Delhi.

The Delhi Ridge forest is home to a rich and diverse ecosystems; it serves as a habitat for numerous plant and animal species. The Delhi Ridge supports several bird species, mammals, reptiles, and insects, contributing to the overall ecological balance in the region. It also serves as a watershed area, acting as a natural sponge, absorbing rainwater and replenishing the declining ground water reserves. Protecting Delhi Ridge ensures continued availability of groundwater resources and helps mitigate the risks of water scarcity and flooding.

Delhi Ridge also holds historical and cultural significance. It is an integral part of Delhi’s heritage, with several archaeological sites, monuments, and ancient ruins scattered throughout its expanse. Preserving the forest not only safeguards these cultural assets but also provides opportunities for educational and recreational activities, allowing people to connect with their history and natural surroundings. It is a favourite spot and an inspiration for our urban ecotourism initiative.

Delhi Ridge is the reservoir and source of urban biodiversity that keeps us all alive, and is a lifeline of Delhi. Delhi Greens works to remind everyone of our collective responsibility to preserve this natural treasure for our well-being and for future generations.