promoting environmental education

Delhi Greens is working to ensure the implementation of environmental education in schools and colleges of Delhi and India.


Formal environmental education equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to address complex environmental challenges, and also make a great career in the field of environment for themselves. If not a full-fledged course or programme, integrating environmental education into school & higher education allows students from various fields of study to understand the importance of sustainability in their respective disciplines. Implementation of some level of Environment Education is mandated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in all institutions of Higher Education in India.

Graduates with a strong foundation in environmental education are better equipped to engage in environmental policy formulation, environmental advocacy, and environmental governance. They can contribute to shaping environmentally friendly policies and lobbying for positive changes and also help develop science & technology solutions for contemporary environmental problems. By promoting environmental education, we aim to facilitate cutting-edge research to address environmental challenges and develop sustainable technologies.

Delhi Greens works to promote formal and extra-curricular adoption and implementation of environmental education in schools and colleges of Delhi and India. We also partner and collaborate with institutions for running courses and providing internship and on-the-job and field-based training opportunities to students. Another focus towards promoting environmental education is to work with the industry for developing portfolios for environmental professionals to promote green jobs.