Delhi Greens Blog

Generating environmental awareness in the masses is a key objective of Delhi Greens. We have been working since our inception in 2007, to generate knowledge-driven environmental awareness and sensitisation in the citizens of Delhi, India and the world.


The Delhi Greens Blog project, our flagship project has been endorsed by the United Nations as a “momentum for change,” “flagship” project in the fight against climate change. Through this project, we have been working to nudge citizens for green action by making them understand the value of natural resources and the need to conserve and protect them. The objective of the Delhi Greens Blog is to promote responsible behaviors such as reducing waste, conserving energy, and using resources sustainably, leading to the preservation of ecosystems, biodiversity and overall health of the planet.

In addition, Delhi Greens carries out workshops, seminars and hands-on activities for corporates, RWAs, colleges and schools for generating environmental awareness. Raising awareness about climate change and its impacts is crucial in driving collective action. We work with the belief that that when people understand the causes and consequences of climate change, they are more likely to adopt sustainable practices, support renewable energy initiatives, and advocate for policies that address the issue effectively.

After making citizens aware about environmental issues, we work to inspire them to become environmental stewards. Increased awareness in the citizens motivates them to advocate for cleaner environments and take measures to minimize their exposure to pollutants. It also encourages citizens to support sustainable practices in industries, promote green technologies, and demand responsible corporate behaviour.

Due to these factors, we believe that environmental awareness and sensitivity is a vital step towards creating a sustainable planet for the present and future generations.