urban ecotourism

We work to develop theoretical, practical and applied models of urban ecotourism, nature tourism and rural immersions with the objectives of creating sustainable livelihoods, generating environmental awareness and leadership.


Ecotourism is the sustainable form of tourism that focuses on exploring and experiencing the natural and cultural heritage while minimizing negative impacts on the environment and supporting local communities. It is an approach that seeks to protect and preserve India’s rich biodiversity, ecosystems, and indigenous cultures while providing opportunities for visitors to engage in responsible and educational travel.

We spearheaded the remarkable urban ecotourism initiative in the bustling metropolis of Delhi in December 2008. Recognizing the need to preserve Delhi’s natural treasures while promoting sustainable tourism, our eco-friendly tours offer visitors a unique and immersive experience in the city’s green spaces. From exploring lush urban forests and bio-diverse parks to discovering serene lakes and eco-friendly farms, these tours provide a refreshing escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and its preservation.

The link between natural and built heritage is also highlighted through the Delhi Greens Urban Ecotours. The Delhi Greens Urban Ecotours not only aid in conserving the fragile ecosystem of the city but also inspire tourists and residents alike to become stewards of the environment, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for Delhi. The Delhi Greens Urban Ecotour initiative has been followed by creating similar initiatives in different parts of the country through urban and nature ecotourism development and organising rural immersion expeditions.

To organise a Nature Walk, Urban Ecotour or an environmental expedition for your school, college, company or club, write to contact@delhigreens.org