River Yamuna walk

Delhi Greens consistently works to raise awareness about the plight of River Yamuna and to conserve and protect the life-supporting Yamuna River in Delhi. Conservation of rapidly disappearing wetlands in Delhi has also been one of our sustained focus.


River Yamuna is the lifeline of Delhi and holds immense ecological significance. Conservation of River Yamuna and protection of wetlands is essential for addressing the issue of water scarcity in Delhi. With growing urbanization and increasing demands for water, preserving these water bodies becomes crucial for maintaining a sustainable water supply. Additionally, protecting the wetlands helps in recharging groundwater reserves, which are vital for meeting the water needs of the city.

River Yamuna and other wetlands in Delhi play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of the region. They act as a habitat for the rich urban biodiversity of Delhi including migratory birds. Wetlands and River Yamuna floodplains act as natural sponges, absorbing excess water during monsoons and preventing flooding. This is of critical requirement today to overcome flooding challenges and impacts due to climate change. Wetlands also act as filters, purifying water by trapping pollutants and sediments.

Pollution, untreated sewage, and industrial waste pose significant risks to the quality of water and air in the vicinity. Protecting River Yamuna and the wetlands is essential for ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the residents of Delhi. River Yamuna also holds cultural and historical significance. It is considered sacred and has been an integral part of Delhi’s cultural practices for centuries. By preserving the river and wetlands of Delhi, we honour and safeguard this cultural heritage for future generations.