Delhi Greens quoted in research paper titled, Crowding-in: How Indian Civil Society Organizations Began Mobilizing Around Climate Change, authored by Tuomas Ylä-Anttila of University of Helsinki and P. Swarnakar of Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management. The paper is published in The British Journal of Sociology.

…Thus, in 2008, the youth organization Delhi Greens started to ‘raise the issue of irrational and unmindful felling of trees in Delhi’; ‘immediately after, we realized that climate change was also part of urban sustainability’ and went on to launch the Delhi Youth Summit on Climate’ (INT16)…

Full Details of the Research Article:

Ylä‐Anttila, T., & Swarnakar, P. (2017). Crowding‐in: how Indian civil society organizations began mobilizing around climate change. The British Journal of Sociology, 68(2), 273-292.

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