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Support Delhi Greens and Help Save Our Common Environment


Delhi Greens is a Delhi based environmental organisation working tirelessly to protect, preserve and conserve environment, biodiversity and natural resources since 2007. Led by environmental professionals, Delhi Greens excels in carrying out participatory research, developing sustainable solutions and ensuring media mainstreaming of environmental issues.

We are neither limited by passion nor knowledge when it comes to environmental protection. It is only resources that limit our activities and how much we are able to do. That is where we seek your help so that we can do even more for protecting our common environment.

Your support to Delhi Greens will go a long way in saving and securing the present and future of humanity. Donations made to “Delhi Greens” are exempted u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Account Name: Delhi Greens
Account Number: 30557163945
Name of the Bank: State Bank of India
Branch Code & Address: (00691) New Delhi Main Branch, 11 Parliament Street, New Delhi – 110001
IFSC Code: SBIN0000691

Upon receiving donations, we immediately email/ courier/ hand deliver the donation receipt to all our donors. Donors also receive a Utilization Certificate (within the same Financial Year) which informs them of the utilization of their donations.

After making a donation, please inform us by sending an email to donate@delhigreens.org Please include your Postal Address in the email and we will try to send you a green gift as and when we can.

Donations can also be made using PayTM. Please scan the QR code displayed on the right hand side in your PayTM App to donate using PayTM. Please send us the screenshot of the receipt as an email to donate@delhigreens.org after making the donation through PayTM.

For any other other information or to invite our volunteers for cheque collection, please write to contact@delhigreens.org or call 9811147754.