Dr. Madhavi Jain

Dr. Madhavi Jain is part of the Core Team of Delhi Greens. Madhavi was previously associated as an Independent Consultant Fellow with Delhi Greens (2019-2021). She holds a Master’s in Environmental Studies from the University of Delhi and a Doctorate Degree in Environmental Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi.

Dr. Madhavi Jain received the IUSSTF-BHAVAN Fellowship enabling her to carry out research work at Purdue University, USA. Her research work focuses on rampant urbanisation faced by cities and its manifestations on local weather. She has published several papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Madhavi Jain is deeply concerned about the growing menace of plastic waste in our society, in the food chain and remote ecosystems of the world. She believes that even small lifestyle changes have the potential to snowball into greater benefits for our common environment. In addition to her research interest, Dr. Madhavi Jain is also an avid artist. She believes that art can truly transcend barriers of language, education and nationalities and is a great medium to create environmental awareness.