Dr. Govind Singh

Dr. Govind Singh is the Director (Hon.) of Delhi Greens and is responsible for overseeing the administration, programmes, strategic planning and overall coordination of the Delhi Greens organisation. Dr. Govind Singh holds a Master’s and Ph.D. degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Delhi. Delhi Greens was Co-Founded by Dr. Govind Singh in March 2007 with the vision of promoting environmental harmony and sustainable development.

Dr. Govind Singh has a multifaceted and dynamic persona and has been consistently working to find solutions for contemporary environmental challenges. The flagship Delhi Greens project, the Delhi Greens Blog, was conceptualized and initiated by him. The pioneering Urban Ecotourism initiative of Delhi Greens was also conceptualized by Dr. Govind Singh. Dr. Govind Singh works with a focus of promoting urban sustainability by balancing contemporary environmental principles with spiritual ecology and traditional knowledge.

Dr. Govind Singh has been an active environmental youth leader since his college days and has worked to channelize the energy of the youth towards biodiversity conservation and environmental protection. In 2013, Dr. Govind Singh became the first Assistant Professor recruited by the University of Delhi to teach Environmental Studies at the undergraduate level. He is currently associate professor and associate dean at O.P. Jindal Global University and continues to mentor, orient and direct young minds for becoming passionate towards environmental issues, through his academic and organisational involvements.