K. Nirmala Devi
Director of Development

Konsam Nirmala Devi is Director of Development at Delhi Greens and is responsible for conceptualizing projects and overseeing finance and fundraising for the Delhi Greens organisation. She holds a Master’s in Environmental Studies from the University of Delhi and is conducting research in the field of Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Development. Konsam Nirmala Devi has also been an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies in constituent colleges of the University of Delhi.

Konsam Nirmala Devi has always been passionate towards the cause of environmental protection and biodiversity conservation. She joined Delhi Greens in 2017 and has been working since then to develop projects and campaigns for environmental protection as well as revenue generation for the organisation. She is also associated with the NE Greens initiative of Delhi Greens, which aims at promoting inclusive and sustainable development of North-east India.