Delhi Greens introduces a first of its kind
Urban Ecotourism in Delhi

Delhi Urban Ecotourism



  • It is advisable to wear full-sleeved clothing and/or carry an umbrella to guard against sunburn
  • The sun could get pretty hot as the day progresses. So, be sure to carry sunblock if you feel that you may need it
  • There is likely to be lots of walking, especially on non-road terrain. So, it is advisable to wear covered, comfortable shoes
  • Please carry water and wear a cap
  • Do remember to carry any medications that you are likely to need (for motion sickness, etc) with you
  • Please be careful not to litter any places we visit. Collect any waste that may be generated (chocolate wrappers, empty bottles of water, etc) and deposit it only in designated dustbins
  • All participants must register an act of green on the Earth Day Network website




Urban Eco-Tour Bus Trip

Earth Day Urban Eco-Bus Tour


23rd April, 2011 (Saturday)

Starts at 0930 hours from DU Metro Station

(Vishwa Vidyalaya Metro Station)


Duration: 4 Hours   |  Click to Register


Last date for registering: 21 April, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. What is the ticket for the bus trip?
A. There is no ticket for the bus trip.

Q. What kind of buses are being used for these trips?
A. Delhi Greens is committed to promoting public transport in the city. Consequently, and to promote the same, we have hired the standard Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses for the trip.

Q. Where is the DU Metro Station and what time should I reach there?
A. The DU Metro Station is the starting point for the North City Tour. Click here to find a clickable road map around the station. (the '+' in the center is the Metro Station) You can reach there by taking the Metro, a bus, or an auto. Please avoid bringing your car, though it can be parked at the Metro Station Parking. Be there at 09.30 AM.

Q. Isn't the Earth Day on 22nd April? Why is the urban eco-bus tour on 23rd April?
A. April 22nd, 2011 is Good Friday. Keeping this in mind, we are organising the urban eco-bus tour on 23rd April, 2011.

Q. Will food and water be provided on the trip?
A. No, we will carry water but it is advisable to bring your own bottles. Please do not leave empty bottles behind.


Q. Can we bring children along?

A. Of course. The clean, blue Yamuna and the green lungs the Delhi Ridge are sites every child in Delhi must visit.