The culture, knowledge and religious practices in the Indian sub-continent are intertwined with environmental consciousness. Our cultural practices revolve around praying to Nature and natural resources in one form or the other. Nature has been given the stature of Mother in the Indian sub-continent and is held sacred and is worshiped.

Lately, however, modern Indian society has become disconnected with their roots. As a result, there is an simultaneous disconnect between human society and the very environment which supports it.

Consequently, environment is now understood to be an external force by this section of the society and not something that is found inside and around them. There is thus an urgent need for imparting Environmental Education in schools and colleges. This will help in reconnecting the present and future generations to our environmental heritage.

Delhi Greens works to promote the adoption of Environment Education in schools and colleges and intervenes from time to time, to ensure adequate implementation of environment education at all levels in our education system.