Delhi Greens appeals to the people of Delhi NCR for taking initiatives and joining projects and campaigns for the protection of environment and urban biodiversity.


Delhi is the capital of the world’s second largest country and the largest democracy, India. It is therefore not surprising that Delhi is the second most populated mega city in the world. This means that there are large number of helping hands in Delhi, who must all contribute for keeping Delhi clean, green and sustainable.

  • Keep yourself informed about various environmental events and activities taking place in the city and participate in them to keep yourself updated about the state of Delhi’s environment.
  • Read the Delhi Greens Blog regularly and follow updates on our website to keep yourself informed.
  • Participate in your Resident Welfare Association (RWA) and ensure that the trees, green spaces and wetlands in and around your colony are protected and preserved. Create an RWA if your colony does not have one yet.
  • Raise your voice against any unnecessary felling of trees, encroachment of parks and destruction of wetlands.
  • Make it a point to find a small piece of accessible land near you and plant a sapling on your every birthday. Every human should plant and take care of at least seven trees in her/his lifetime
  • Support environmental projects and campaigns being run by Government and Non-Governmental Organisations for the protection and conservation of nature and natural resources.
  • Become a Delhi Greens Citizen Stakeholder and help improve your city by promoting action and advocacy for reducing environmental pollution and protecting the lifelines of Delhi.

Delhi was recently declared the most polluted city in terms of air pollution in the entire world. Schools had to be shut in Delhi so that children do not have suffer even more than what they already are. Is this the Delhi we want? Delhi Greens urges the citizens of Delhi to take action today so we can save what is left and make Delhi clean and green again.