A panel discussion with the eminent Lester R. Brown was organised by Delhi Greens in collaboration with Balipara Tract & Frontier Foundation, The Climate Project-India (TCP-I), Sanctuary Asia Magazine and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). The event was hosted at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library on 13th June 2008.

The key speakers of the panel discussion were Lester R Brown, renowned American environmentalist author of the book Plan B and Bittu Sahgal from Sanctuary magazine. The event attempted to carry forward the ongoing debates of one of the world’s most widely discussed issue Climate Change, which has now become a buzzword in reports, policies, projects and discussions across the globe.

The objective of the panel discussion was not only to generate awareness but also to discuss how the youth of all age groups can engage in mitigating climate change and work towards securing the future.

The event started off with screening of the film An Inconvenient Truth. The screening was followed by the speech by Bittu Sahgal, the editor of Sanctuary Magazine, who greeted the key discussants and audience. He briefed the listeners with the challenges and problems of climate change in India and explained what kind of a role a common man can play towards mitigating the ill effects of climate change.

The event concluded with a more aware and sensitized audience, willing to take green action for environmental protection.