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NEW DELHI: The Jindal School of Environment and Sustainability, the newly established school of O.P. Jindal Global University, has forged collaborations with 20 international and Indian organisations working on environmental and sustainability issues for its undergraduate students. 

These collaborations will enable the students to get a practical understanding of ecological and conservation issues through work experience and will result in internship and placement opportunities. 

The 20 organizations that are collaborating with the JSES are the World Wildlife Fund, Pacific Environment, World Resource Institute, MC Mehta Foundation, Environment Support Group, Global Policy Insights, Toxics links, Tagore Society for Rural Development, Navdanya Foundation, Indian Council for Enviro – Legal Action, Delhi Greens, Envipol, Green Munia, Dhiway – Research, Uneako, Centre for Science & Environment, Rajputana Society of Natural History, Future group – CSR, Hyundai Electric  and the Directorate of Environment & Climate Change.

These collaborations will enable JSES students to undertake internships at these organizations, which will enable them to add to their understanding of environmental and sustainability issues. 

“This is a landmark initiative promoted by the Jindal School of Environment & Sustainability (JSES). Rarely ever in the world of universities that a new school has developed such an opportunity to its undergraduate students at the time of the commencement of the school,” said Armin Rosencranz, the Dean of the JSES. 

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