The Jahangirpuri Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste site was in news in 2014 for becoming India’s first C&D Recycling project. However, with contractors refusing to buy bricks, etc. made from C&D waste, this plant simply became a dumping site for C&D Waste.

With reduced demand, the C&D plant slowed down production, and consequently the site has now become a huge landfill. This is also causing a lot of dust pollution for the nearby residents. Consequently, Delhi Greens has been conducting a campaign to highlight this Emerging Jahangirpuri Landfill. A letter to this effect was written by Delhi Greens to all concerned departments of the Government of NCT of Delhi on 7 June 2019.

The Delhi Government has taken note of the matter and is now planning to stop payments of contractors who are not using recycled items made from C&D Waste manufactured in this plant. This will boost the sale of recycled items and should lead to the reduction in the size of the landfill. Click here to read news item with more details about this order.

Delhi Greens will continue to monitor this C&D Site to ensure that the landfill does not increase further in size.