Article on the topic, Sustainability Appraisal and Economic Valuation of North Delhi Ridge Using Participatory Research Approach was published in the Journal of Innovation for Inclusive Development (ISSN 2456-4478). The article is authored by Dr. Govind Singh and Mr. Alok Sharma, Ms. Ishani Gupta and Ms. Pratibha Baveja of Delhi Greens.

Abstract: Delhi Ridge is the Northern extension of the Aravalli hill range and is a prominent landscape feature of the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi. Presence of Delhi Ridge, along with River Yamuna, has been of strategic significance in the selection of Delhi as a capital city since ancient times. Modern Delhi has grown beyond the physical boundaries of the Ridge and the Yamuna. The once barren Ridge has now been transformed into a forest, which provides useful ecosystem services to Delhi. Despite the large number of benefits provided by the Delhi Ridge, the latter is under a constant threat of encroachment and degradation. This is because land is a highly priced natural resource in Delhi. The approximately 78 sq. km area of the Delhi Ridge is thus seen by many as prospective real estate and several legal and illegal structures can be found inside the Delhi Ridge. The present research contribution is an attempt to carry out sustainability appraisal of the Delhi Ridge by using the principles of environmental economics and participatory research. We focus on the North Delhi Ridge (NDR) and have carried out an economic valuation of NDR using survey based methods. A participatory-GIS approach has been followed to highlight the physical boundary of NDR along with the areas of encroachment. We find that economic value of NDR is much greater than the benefits that may be drawn by modifying its land use land cover to concrete. We also find that in the absence of existing notification on the extent of the NDR, there is rampant encroachment on its eastern and southern side.

Keywords: ecosystem services, Delhi Ridge, environmental economics, urban ecology, participatory research.

Citation details of the article:

Singh, G., Sharma, A., Gupta, I., & Baveja, P. (2016). Sustainability Appraisal and Economic Valuation of North Delhi Ridge Using Participatory Research Approach. Journal of Innovation for Inclusive Development, 1(1), 11-19.

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