urban ecotourism

There is no happiness for him who does not travel… therefore, wander!

– Rigveda


Delhi Greens has pioneered the concept and application of Urban Ecotourism for generating mass environmental awareness in Delhi. Delhi Greens has been organising Urban Ecotours in Delhi since 2008 to help involve all sections of the society in dialogue and discussion towards ensuring urban sustainability of India’s national capital.


The concept of urban ecotourism was first devised and put forward by us in 2008, shortly after the founding of Delhi Greens. We noticed a peculiar problem with Delhi in those times, the city did not have a stakeholder. The urban stakeholder crisis was further studied and it brought out the migratory nature of Delhi’s population. It did not matter how long back Delhi residents had migrated to Delhi, 87% of the respondents took a name of a place other than Delhi when asked which place they belonged to?

It was under these circumstances that Delhi Greens initiated urban ecotours, to invite residents of Delhi to see and get introduced to the various ecosystems like Yamuna, Delhi Ridge, wetlands, parks and gardens thereby transforming them into better informed and more responsible citizens of Delhi. Subsequently, the urban ecotours were opened up to all citizens of Delhi, India and to foreign nationals. The applicability of such ecotours and of ecotourism development has also been explored beyond Delhi as well and we today conduct urban ecotours, nature tourism and rural immersion expeditions.


Delhi Greens organises ecotourism expeditions for citizens of all age groups – Colleges/ University students, institutions and corporate houses. We also organise nature walks, bird-watching trips and rural immersion expeditions. To participate in such ecotours or to explore group participation, you can write to: