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Neha Sinha, March 23, 2009. The Indian Express.

“LOOK at the beautiful water, and the mountain in the background,” ecologist Govind Singh said to a motley group of professionals and students on Sunday.  As a footnote, he wryly added that the “mountain” was an undulating hill of garbage at the Bhalaswa landfill and the “water” a three-and-a-half feet deep shrinking waterbody…

…On the occasion of World Water Day, Singh, a member of Delhi Greens, took Delhiites back to the water bodies that once defined the city, and are today struggling to survive.

A group of people were taken on an eco-tour of water bodies in the city. They also visited the Wazirabad barrage, the point at which the Yamuna enters the Capital, for a rediscovery of the river, and also to do what Delhiites rarely dare: touch the waters of the Yamuna without flinching. “At Wazirabad barrage, the water is clean and supports life,” Singh said pointing towards the water, which had fish, algal blooms and water birds…