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Express News Service, December 12 2008, The Indian Express.

In an unusual ecotourism drive, residents of the Capital will get to see some of the lost green spaces like Roshanara Bagh, Bhuli Bhatiyari Park and also the not-so-environmentally- preserved Yamuna at ITO and the Ghazipur landfills.

Urban Ecotourism Bus trips will be organised across the city in North, South-Central and East zones from

December 13. The initiative has been taken by a city based NGO, Delhi Greens to urge people to revisit lost green spaces.

The trips will have tourists visit the not so popular green spots as well as some of the erstwhile green spaces that are lost to the city.

“Delhi is known as one of the greenest capitals in the world but many of the green patches are lost to us. Ecotourism will help build a reconnect with these green spaces,” said Govind Singh, director of Delhi Greens.

“Participation is open to all and there are no charges for the trips,” Singh maintained.

The second and third trips will be held on December 19 and 20, following which the organisers plan to change the routes and add a fresh list of sites.

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