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Article on the topic, Bus Rapid Transit, published in the Terra Green Magazine of TERI NGO, authored by Govind Singh, Co-Founder and Director, Delhi Greens.

Govind Singh, September, 2008. Terra Green (ISSN: 0974-5688)

…A struggling corridor to a green future.

A little over five months ago, the Transport Department of the Government of NCT (National Capital Territory) of Delhi unveiled the much awaited, and rather ambitious project, for giving the city a congestion-free and smooth transport system. Formerly called the HCBS (High Capacity Bus System), the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system is meant to be a low-cost, flexible, mass transportation system that can reach every part of the city and make itself accessible to other modes of feeder-transport like cycle rickshaws and three-wheeler scooters as well.

When the first phase of the project was launched, it clearly succeeded in achieving the underlying objective of encouraging people to use the public transport and at the same time discouraging them to use private vehicles, especially cars. The implementation of the system was, as has often been the case, not perfect, and there were initial confusions among pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, and car drivers alike…

…A joint random perception survey of commuters travelling on the capital’s fi rst BRT corridor, carried out by the CSE (Centre for Science and Environment) and Delhi Greens found overwhelming support for the corridor from pedestrians, cyclists, bus drivers, commuters and, surprisingly, car and two-wheeler drivers…

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