The world has gone from paper to digital and most of the work is now being done online. What’s more, according to recent estimates, nearly 3.4 billion people use the Internet on a daily basis!


With most of our work now online, Delhi Greens believes that we must take all our work online and reduce – to a great extent – all our paper usage. This will help save trees, reduce waste generation and will compensate for the high degree of electricity consumption by electronic devices.

Further, Delhi Greens also encourages individuals and NGOs to strengthen their online presence and use the ever increasing social media so as to better engage the Internet users and help them make the “Right Click”.

With this as the backdrop, the Right Click Project is an initiative of Delhi Greens for harnessing the power of the Internet to save trees, reduce waste and promote social and environmental change.

Objectives of the Right Click Project
  • The objective of the Right Click Project is to use the rapidly emerging New & Social Media for bringing social transformation for a better and more sustainable society.
  • RCP works with existing and emerging non-profits, NGOs, entrepreneurs, groups and networks. RCP offers useful digital tools which can be used to reach out to the masses more effectively.
  • RCP provides Web Consultancy in the form of creative digital solutions to non-profits, educational institutions and socially inclined persons on a no profit, no loss basis

Are you an individual, NGO or a non-profit company looking to develop a Website, Blog or an App? Or looking to improve your social media presence for reaching out to more and more people and engage them in your social or environmental cause? The Right Click Project will help you achieve these tasks in a speedy manner and on a no-profit, no-loss basis. Write an email to or visit the project website below.

Click here to visit the RCP Micro website