Delhi is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and finds mention even in ancient scriptures. The glory of Delhi as a capital of choice by every Emperor who ruled the Indian sub-continent can be attributed to its strategic location. Delhi is located between one end of the Aravalli Hill Ranges on two sides and River Yamuna on the third.

The Aravalli or the Delhi Ridge, provided protection and River Yamuna provided water which is necessary to support human settlement. Thus the historical importance of Delhi can be attributed to these two landscape features. These landscape features are also responsible for the socioeconomic and political influence of Delhi.

Present day Delhi continues to draw water from River Yamuna to support its 16+ million population.The Delhi Ridge now acts as the green lungs of Delhi by ensuring the purification of air through the Ridge forest. Air pollution from large number of vehicles in Delhi is already a big problem. Any reduction or degradation of the Delhi Ridge will only worsen the situation.

The Delhi Ridge and River Yamuna are therefore the two lifelines of Delhi. Together, they support the health and productivity of the citizens of Delhi. Despite this, there is tremendous pressure on these two lifelines which now face a threat due to rapid urban development. Already, parts of River Yamuna have become a drain and the Ridge is being encroached and degraded.

Delhi Greens works to raise awareness among the citizens of Delhi on the importance of Delhi Ridge and River Yamuna. We also work to involve the citizens, Government and all stakeholders in the protection and preservation of the Delhi Ridge and River Yamuna.