28th July 2009

09.00 am to

12.30 pm

"Bagh Bachao, Bharat Bachao" Rally

Venue: Teen Murti Bhavan

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09.00 am to

11.30 pm

Inaugural: Tiger Consultation by Dr. Karan Singh, Bittu Sahgal etc.


6.00 pm

Talk by Bill McKibben of 350.org

Venue: Auditorium, Teen Murti Bhavan


Last Call to Save Tiger, and Humanity.

Tiger: the National Animal of India is also a flagship-umbrella species that supports a wide range of biodiversity with it. 

Reports of tiger deaths have now become a daily affair. The country is fast losing its national treasure and with the current pace, the tiger population will be wiped off before the end of this decade.

The tiger is facing threats from poaching, habitat destruction owing to urbanisation, climate change and a mismanagement that has plagued the country ever since. Unfortunately, the efforts being made to help the tiger fight for survival (his and ours) are but a drop in the ocean.

Thus, a series of organisations have come together and called for a Rally for saving the tiger, and the right of future generations to survive and prosper.

  • 28th July, 2009 (9-12.30 pm)
    JOIN THE RALLY: Save the Tigermore


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