Verve '09
picture of green swallowtail butterfly  

Genesis, the Zoological Society and Earthlings, the Wildlife Society of Hindu College, University of Delhi, in collaboration with Delhi Greens jointly present:


  • 22% of mammal species, 31% of amphibians and 27% of all warm-water reef-building corals are globally threatened or Extinct. Do such statistics bother you?

  • Do you yearn to understand the issues pertaining to wildlife conservation more deeply?

  • The Carbon concentration in the atmosphere is 387 ppm and rising, even when scientists suggest it should be less than 350 ppm? Does this concern you?

  • Every time you read about wildlife and biodiversity conservation, do you find your brain bursting with ideas?

  • Or do you think, "how does it matter to me if 'n' number of species are going to be extinct? Living in a city, what can I do about it anyway?

    It is for all of you that we are organizing this Youth Summit on Wildlife!


1.   To make the youth think and come out with a charter of novel ideas on how they can contribute in Wildlife conservation. Also, to brainstorm on policy changes needed in India for better management of our wildlife.

2.   To make the youth aware about biodiversity conservation issues and also highlight the importance of research.

3.   To emphasize the fact that a lot of wildlife exists in cities like Delhi, and we can contribute significantly to conserve it.

Topics of the Youth Summit:-

The youth summit will have four sessions spread over two days. The sessions will be on:

1. Urban Wildlife
2. Invasion of foreign species
3. Climate change and Wildlife
4. Environment Vs Development (and the Human-Wildlife conflict)

The first three sessions will be for one and a half hour each. There will be two speakers for each session who will introduce the topic to the participants in the first 30 minutes of the session. The remaining time will be for discussion on the topic moderated by a student moderator.

The fourth session will be for about two hours with four speakers. The first hour will be for speakers and the following hour for discussion.



  1. Wildlife Quiz
  2. General Quiz