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Right Click Project
The Right Click Project is an initiative of Delhi Greens for harnessing the power of the Internet and promoting social and environmental change. The Right Click Project (RCP) dwells on the over 10 years experience of Delhi Greens in using New & Social Media tools for bringing green change.

RCP works with existing and emerging non-profits, NGOs, entrepreneurs, groups and networks in the social, environment and development sector. It offers useful digital tools for NGOs and non-profits in helping them achieve their aims and objectives and in reaching out to the masses more effectively.

RCP provides Web Consultancy in the form of creative digital solutions to non-profits, educational institutions and socially inclined persons on a no-profit, no-loss basis.
The objective of the project is to use the rapidly emerging New & Social Media for bringing social transformation for a better and more sustainable society.

The project develops innovative platforms to engage the large number of online users, ensure that they the Right Click and in doing so, help become change makers.

The ultimate objective of the project is a complete reduction in the use of paper by promoting and facilitating the transition to a digital world and saving trees as well as reducing waste generation in the process.

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