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Delhi Greens conducts its Projects and Activities under the following Desks. You can click on each Desk to view its Projects and Activities.


Thematic Desks

1. Green Cover and Clean Air

The Plantations and Green Cover Desk at Delhi Greens works for the protection of existing trees and carries out tree plantation activities across Delhi NCR. [View Projects & Activities]

2. Water Conservation

Water Conservation and Protection and Augmentation of Urban Water Bodies. [View Projects & Activities]

3. Waste Management

Improving Urban Waste Management and Promoting Segregation of Waste with a special focus on Reducing Single-use Plastic and Better Management of Electronic and Hazardous Waste. [View Projects & Activities]

4. Energy and Climate Change

Raising awareness on climate change especially among the Youth and working towards achieving the transition to a Green Economy which is based on clean energy. [View Projects & Activities]


Action Desks

5. Green Media Network

Developing ICT Tools for Generating Environmental Awareness and Highlighting Environmental Issues in Mainstream and Social Media. [View Projects & Activities]

6. Ecotourism Development

Developing and Promoting Ecotourism as a Tool for Environmental Protection in Delhi and India. [View Projects & Activities]

7. Environment Education & Youth

Promoting Environment Education at all Levels including Lifelong Learning and Facilitating the Creation of Green Jobs. [View Projects & Activities]

8. Consultancy and Policy

Providing Consultancy, Conducting Green Audits and Environmental Knowledge Management for achieving Sustainable Development. [View Projects & Activities]

You can also view a compiled list of Ongoing Projects, Ongoing Initiatives and Completed Projects and Activities by clicking on the links below.