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The world population became more urban than rural in the year 2007. The global urban population today is the highest that it has ever been and cities around the world are facing tremendous population pressure. As a result, there is lot of pressure on our natural resources like water, trees and clean air.

Urban environments today are facing an increasing challenge and sustaining urban growth is becoming more and more difficult. The problem is even more complex in developing countries like India and cities in developing countries are increasingly getting polluted. Delhi, for instance, has now become one of the worst polluted cities in terms of air pollution in the entire world.

Clean air is only resource which has become polluted. Cities are also becoming the source of water pollution and a point source of large-scale waste generation. The transport sector in cities, a major source of air pollution, needs to be made more sustainable and inclusive. Urban poverty is yet another challenge and along with being an ethical dilemma it also leads to removal and burning of wood from urban trees as source of fuel.

Solutions to these problems exist in the form of environment and people friendly policies and practices like shifting to renewable energy sources, fixing the public transport and then promoting its use, ensuring innovative means of waste segregation etc. However, there is a need to promote the very concept of a policy level shift towards ensuring sustainable, inclusive and smart cities.

Delhi Greens has taken this as a principal cause to identify, evaluate and promote the right kind of environmental policies for protecting key natural resources such as water, clean air, urban biodiversity, ensuring sustainable growth of energy, transport etc. sectors while also ensuring environmentally conducive waste management practices.