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Delhi Greens is a Delhi based non-profit organisation set up in the year 2007 with the objective of protecting and preserving our common environment.


We work to generate environmental awareness among the masses, encourage and empower the youth to take green action and create the necessary platforms for the conservation of local, regional and global environment and sustainable development.



Environmental Harmony and Sustainable Development


Mission Statements

Following are the mission statements that drive our projects and activities.

+ To revive the principles of spiritual ecology for generating environmental awareness among the masses.

+ To empower, encourage and educate youth and citizens for achieving sustainable development at all levels.

+ To mainstream environmentalism and support the global call for the transition to a green economy.

+ To act as a watchdog for protecting the forests & biodiversity of India.

+ To create necessary platforms for promoting sustainable rural and urban development.


Our Strategy

We have developed the following four-pronged strategy for achieving our aims and objectives.

1. Participatory Research: We carry out inter-disciplinary research and analyses for conservation of nature & natural resources.

2. Green Action: We conduct programmes, projects, campaigns and workshops for engaging citizens for environmental protection.

3. Advocacy: We carry out consistent advocacy for environmental protection and sustainable development.

4. Outreach & Awareness: We constantly develop innovative outreach models and practices for generating environmental awareness among the masses.