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The Right Click Projecct of Delhi Greens invites applications from non-profit organisations working for the welfare of the society and environment and who are looking for help and support with the following Computer/Internet related tasks:

  • e-Documentation of projects and activities, Photography & Video Documentation
  • Designing and Creating Web-page, Website and/or Web-App
  • Management of Domain Name and Web-hosting
  • Creating and Managing Social Media Channels
  • Skill Building Module 1: Training of Organisational Staff on Basic Use of Computer and Internet for Organisational Purpose
  • Skill Building Module 2: Training of Organisational Staff for maintaining Web-page or Website and/or Social Media Channels
  • Web and Social Media Outreach Consultancy

The above mentioned services are provided at a no-profit, no-loss basis to all registered non-profit organisations (Societies, Trusts, Non-profit Companies) registered in India. The services may also be extended to individuals working to further the cause of environmental protection and social welfare.

Organisations and Individuals interested to avail of this service can send an email to rightclick@delhigreens.org Applications are received all year round.